Photography and Post-Processing Workshops

Photography Course: Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it

  • Formatech Sodeco Square Sodeco Lebanon

Take and make great photos with Gaby Awad

Dates and time

From 17 till 29 September 2014. A total of 18 hours over 6 evening sessions from 6pm to 9pm.  


Formatech Integrated Learning Centers - Sodeco Square - Beirut, Lebanon 


Kick start your photography with this intensive course whether you are a beginner, a serious enthusiast, or moving into the pro arena. This workshop will provide you with the technical and artistic knowledge implicit with digital photography. 18 hours of intensive photography knowledge, home-works and applied techniques that will take you to the next level. And to top it all, you will benefit from 6 hours of advanced darkroom post-processing learning using Adobe Lightroom.


You can expect to accumulate straight-to-the-point photography and post-processing techniques without the academic jargon. By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • understand how DSLRs and lenses work
  • use your camera for technical and artistic exposures
  • understand the photography triangle: Shutter, Aperture, ISO and how to balance between all three for a perfect exposure
  • understand the ambient and artificial light sources and how to use them to your advantage
  • understand and practice several composition techniques
  • understand posing techniques and apply them in practice
  • manage photos using Adobe Lightroom (the widely used application by professional photographers)
  • develop photos from A to Z in Adobe Lightroom (the digital darkroom process)
  • export, print and share your work


An entry level DSLR or semi-pro camera

Course Outline

Session 1

  • What gear you need for this course?
  • Introduction to cameras, DSLRs, Lenses, accessories and Lighting
  • How to hold a camera
  • The camera body and its components
  • Camera sensor – size matter
  • The photography triangle: Shutter, Aperture, ISO
  • How many megapixels you need?
  • Camera settings – Canon demonstration
  • Shooting modes: Auto; Av; Tv; P; M
  • Out of the “Green” box; forget AUTO mode
  • The heart of the triangle: The Light Meter
  • What camera should you buy
  • Source, colour, and the direction of Light
  • The importance of the tripod
  • All about lenses

Session 2

  • RAW or JPEGs?
  • Perspective and camera axis
  • Why we need to White Balance and how to set a custom one
  • There will be light
  • The tonal range
  • Understanding and interpreting the Histogram
  • Composition principles (rule of thirds, Fibonacci spiral, leading lines, etc.)
  • Bright spots and negative space
  • Where to aims? Focus methods

Session 3

  • Compose for the background first
  • Keep it simple; remove distractions
  • Guidelines for cropping the human body – please don’t cut off joints
  • Posing techniques
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Motion Blurs: how to use or lose them
  • Creative use of Shutter Speed
  • Low light photography
  • Filters and special techniques
  • How to clean your camera
  • How to clean your lenses

Session 4

  • Introduction to artificial lighting
  • Camera tethering using Lightroom
  • On and off-camera lighting
  • Lighting techniques (Loop lighting, Split lighting, etc.) Key, fill, and rim lighting
  • Light feathering – keeping the light from hitting the background
  • Artificial light types
  • Light modifiers
  • Light bouncing techniques
  • Background and light falloff
  • High-key and low-key styles

Session 5

  • Introduction to Lightroom
  • The Lightroom Library Module
  • Using the Map Module to help organize your photos
  • The Develop Module
  • Sharing Your Photos in Lightroom
  • The Print Module in Lightroom
  • Introduction to Lightroom Book Module
  • Introduction to Lightroom Slideshow Module
  • Introduction to Lightroom Web Module
  • Customizing Lightroom
  • Backup strategies using Lightroom

Session 6

  • The professional photographer workflow
  • Lightroom Develop Presets and Brush Presets
  • What Lightroom cannot do, Photoshop will do
  • Introduction to Adobe Camera Raw
  • Post-processing for portraits beyond Lightroom
  • Post-processing for landscapes in both Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Replacing skies in Photoshop
  • Editing landscapes with Smart Objects in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • More photo critiques from the great photographers of our world
  • From "good" to "great" to "that's what I'm talking about"
  • Taking your photography to the next level

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