Photography and Post-Processing Workshops

Beirut Photo Fair 2013

  • Artheum Jisr el Wati Sin el Fil Lebanon

Beirut Photo Fair is pleased to invite you to participate in its second edition from Sept. 18th-25th 2013 at Artheum, venue for Arts and Culture, Karantina- Beirut, Lebanon. 
Building on the great success of the first edition of Beirut Photo Fair in 2012, the first such event in Lebanon, which exhibited the work of over 60 photographers from eight different countries, ranging from Lebanon and Syria to France, Belgium, Iran, Brazil, Thailand and Japan, and received wide TV, radio and written press coverage and attracted over 1,500 visitors –an unprecedented achievement for a photographic event in Beirut – Artheum is launching Beirut Photo Fair, 2nd edition. The event will take place at Artheum in Karantina.
The Fair will showcase the work of young, mid-career and well-known photographers from the region and beyond, aiming to spot new talent and give greater attention to photography, a crucial yet often overlooked form of art and visual medium. This is in line with Artheum’s mission to promote arts and visual culture in Lebanon and the region, emphasizing Beirut’s regional status as a hub for the arts.
Galleries, single photographers and groups of photographers are invited to participate in the Fair.
The second edition of BPF will present the works of a greater number of photographers, from a wider geographical spectrum, and will feature additional photography-related events including talks by photographers, discussions on photographic practices, historical photoworks, photography workshops, and screenings of films on seminal figures in the field as well as feature films where photography plays a preeminent role.
For more information, please contact Artheum (Beirut Photo Fair) 
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