Photography and Post-Processing Workshops

Master Adobe Lightroom Course
to Jan 21

Master Adobe Lightroom Course

One of the best software for managing the digital workflow process is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Whether you're a busy parent shooting lots of pictures or a professional photographer with many clients, Lightroom will help you get the results you want in less time.


In this course, you'll see how Lightroom can help you prepare, edit, and organize your photos quickly and effectively. Using Lightroom's non-destructive editing, you'll learn to apply changes to multiple photos while developing an efficient "digital darkroom" processing workflow.  

A study made in late 2013 shows that Lightroom is the overwhelming winner with a 42% share.

Lightroom can handle everything from importing and cataloging your photos, to making image adjustments with Lightroom's powerful RAW processing capabilities. It also lets you perform non-destructive edits to JPEG and TIFF files.

With Lightroom,  you can take these files and create compelling websites, high quality prints, and slideshows.

You'll learn how to take full advantage of Lightroom, and all of the features available to the digital photographer.

What will you learn?

  1. The Lightroom Catalog
  2. The Library Module: import images, keyword and back up digital files
  3. The Map Module: manage and track the location of your images
  4. The Develop Module: process digital files like a Pro and non-destructively. You won't need Photoshop for many adjustments and retouches done here...
  5. Sharing your photos: export images in a variety of formats, or directly to Photoshop for editing or distribution
  6. The Slideshow and Web Modules: create slide shows and mini web galleries effortlessly
  7. The Print Module: produce prints or print packages with minimum effort
  8. Camera tethering using Lightroom
  9. Customizing Lightroom
  10. Backup strategies using Lightroom
  11. Lightroom Develop Presets and Brush Presets

  12. Post-processing portraits 
  13. Post-processing landscapes 


Bring in your photos and laptop if you want although not necessary for the course. If you don't have Lightroom, a 30-day trial of Lightroom is available here..

Course cost and registration

Cost: 100$ per person for 6 hours.

For more information about registration or if you have additional queries, please call +961 3 719199 (Gaby Awad).


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Photography Course: Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it
to Sep 29

Photography Course: Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it

Take and make great photos with Gaby Awad

Dates and time

From 17 till 29 September 2014. A total of 18 hours over 6 evening sessions from 6pm to 9pm.  


Formatech Integrated Learning Centers - Sodeco Square - Beirut, Lebanon 


Kick start your photography with this intensive course whether you are a beginner, a serious enthusiast, or moving into the pro arena. This workshop will provide you with the technical and artistic knowledge implicit with digital photography. 18 hours of intensive photography knowledge, home-works and applied techniques that will take you to the next level. And to top it all, you will benefit from 6 hours of advanced darkroom post-processing learning using Adobe Lightroom.


You can expect to accumulate straight-to-the-point photography and post-processing techniques without the academic jargon. By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • understand how DSLRs and lenses work
  • use your camera for technical and artistic exposures
  • understand the photography triangle: Shutter, Aperture, ISO and how to balance between all three for a perfect exposure
  • understand the ambient and artificial light sources and how to use them to your advantage
  • understand and practice several composition techniques
  • understand posing techniques and apply them in practice
  • manage photos using Adobe Lightroom (the widely used application by professional photographers)
  • develop photos from A to Z in Adobe Lightroom (the digital darkroom process)
  • export, print and share your work


An entry level DSLR or semi-pro camera

Course Outline

Session 1

  • What gear you need for this course?
  • Introduction to cameras, DSLRs, Lenses, accessories and Lighting
  • How to hold a camera
  • The camera body and its components
  • Camera sensor – size matter
  • The photography triangle: Shutter, Aperture, ISO
  • How many megapixels you need?
  • Camera settings – Canon demonstration
  • Shooting modes: Auto; Av; Tv; P; M
  • Out of the “Green” box; forget AUTO mode
  • The heart of the triangle: The Light Meter
  • What camera should you buy
  • Source, colour, and the direction of Light
  • The importance of the tripod
  • All about lenses

Session 2

  • RAW or JPEGs?
  • Perspective and camera axis
  • Why we need to White Balance and how to set a custom one
  • There will be light
  • The tonal range
  • Understanding and interpreting the Histogram
  • Composition principles (rule of thirds, Fibonacci spiral, leading lines, etc.)
  • Bright spots and negative space
  • Where to aims? Focus methods

Session 3

  • Compose for the background first
  • Keep it simple; remove distractions
  • Guidelines for cropping the human body – please don’t cut off joints
  • Posing techniques
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Motion Blurs: how to use or lose them
  • Creative use of Shutter Speed
  • Low light photography
  • Filters and special techniques
  • How to clean your camera
  • How to clean your lenses

Session 4

  • Introduction to artificial lighting
  • Camera tethering using Lightroom
  • On and off-camera lighting
  • Lighting techniques (Loop lighting, Split lighting, etc.) Key, fill, and rim lighting
  • Light feathering – keeping the light from hitting the background
  • Artificial light types
  • Light modifiers
  • Light bouncing techniques
  • Background and light falloff
  • High-key and low-key styles

Session 5

  • Introduction to Lightroom
  • The Lightroom Library Module
  • Using the Map Module to help organize your photos
  • The Develop Module
  • Sharing Your Photos in Lightroom
  • The Print Module in Lightroom
  • Introduction to Lightroom Book Module
  • Introduction to Lightroom Slideshow Module
  • Introduction to Lightroom Web Module
  • Customizing Lightroom
  • Backup strategies using Lightroom

Session 6

  • The professional photographer workflow
  • Lightroom Develop Presets and Brush Presets
  • What Lightroom cannot do, Photoshop will do
  • Introduction to Adobe Camera Raw
  • Post-processing for portraits beyond Lightroom
  • Post-processing for landscapes in both Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Replacing skies in Photoshop
  • Editing landscapes with Smart Objects in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • More photo critiques from the great photographers of our world
  • From "good" to "great" to "that's what I'm talking about"
  • Taking your photography to the next level

More information and Registration

Email us:, or

Call us: +961 (0) 1 611111 or +961 (0) 3 719199 

Address: Sodeco Road - Sodeco Square - Bloc B - 10th Floor

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Digital Illustration Workshop
to Feb 23

Digital Illustration Workshop

During this two day workshop, you will be taking out your old family photo albums and be asked to dig it into those pictures you remember and don’t remember. You will imagine an extended scenario starting from these selected pictures and ending wherever your imagination and wacom takes you. You will be putting that scene to life through an extensive trip in digital illustration. 

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"The Unseen" Art Exhibition by Lara Zankoul
to Mar 30

"The Unseen" Art Exhibition by Lara Zankoul

With elaborately composed photographs, 'The Unseen' presents two visions within one viewing experience; commenting not only on the surface of things, but also on what may lie hidden beneath. 

The twelve photographs in the exhibition each display that which is known, and hint at that which is slowly revealed to be the truth. As in her previous series, through distorted perspective on the natural order, space and time, Zankoul challenges the role of photography as a means of capturing truth in the world.

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"Afteratlas" Exhibition by Georges Didi-Huberman and Arno Gisinger
to Mar 22

"Afteratlas" Exhibition by Georges Didi-Huberman and Arno Gisinger

Beirut Art Center is pleased to present Afteratlas, an exhibition conceived by French art historian and philosopher Georges Didi-Huberman and Paris-based, Austrian photographer Arno Gisinger. 

Afteratlas is a sequel to Atlas: How to Carry the World on One’s Back, an exhibition at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid (2010) that was curated by Georges Didi-Huberman. The same exhibition was later presented at ZKM in Karlsruhe (2011) and Sammlung Falckenberg/Deichtorhallen in Hamburg (2011).

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Divine Details Photography Exhibition
to Jan 24

Divine Details Photography Exhibition

  • Farra Design Center Mkalless Lebanon (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

As part of its philanthropic division Divine Details, Farra Design Center will be hosting its first ever photography exhibition on its main floor showroom. The event will feature talented young photographers from the likes of Beirut Street Photographers, Humans of Lebanon, and Beirut Night Life displaying their works of art. 

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Photography for non-Photographers
to Nov 13

Photography for non-Photographers

  • Mezzanine Cafe - AltCity Beirut Lebanon (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Known as The "I'm-not-a-photographer-but-wanna-take-good-pictures" Workshop. This workshop targets every individual interested in taking better pictures with their camera. Be it their smartphone, their little point-and-shoot, or their fancy professional DSLR that looks harder to operate than an airplane’s cockpit. 

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The Art of Composition with Marc Nader himself
to Oct 26

The Art of Composition with Marc Nader himself

  • Café Younes, Hamra Beirut Lebanon (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Upcoming workshop session "THE ART OF COMPOSITION" will kick off THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 26 for the Evening Section (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm), and SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28 for the Morning Section (10:00 am to 1:00 pm), and will run for 5 consecutive weeks. REGISTRATION on 

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Beirut Art Fair 2013 - BIEL
to Sep 22

Beirut Art Fair 2013 - BIEL

Building on the success of the three last editions, BEIRUT ART FAIR in Lebanon, stands out as a leading platform for the promotion of contemporary art & design of the ME.NA.SA countries (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia) as well as the Mediterranean region and beyond.

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to Sep 21


Al Madina Theatre Association For Arts & Culture organizes in partnership with BEIRUT MUNICIPALITY & AFPA - AGONISTIK for performing arts a Photography & Theatre Workshop conducted by Bachir Achkar curator: Nagy Souraty

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Marc Nader Photography Workshops "THE ART OF COMPOSITION"
to Sep 14

Marc Nader Photography Workshops "THE ART OF COMPOSITION"

This workshop session, conducted by Marc Nader himself, is intended to beginner and intermediate photographers, as well as advanced and pro photographers who, in spite of their technical proficiency,  feel the need to improve their compositional skills closer to perfection, knowing that composition, which has nothing to do whatsoever with technique or quality of equipment used, is the foundation of superlative photography ...

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