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Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it

Take and make great photos like a pro!

Straight to the point technical and artistic knowledge, with hands-on practice and post-processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom. An 18 hours intensive course to take your photography to the next level. From 16 to 27 June 2014 from 6 to 9pm. Thanks to Formatech, you can now book your place and attend this professional photography workshop. Click to view the course outline. 

Adobe Updates Lightroom and ACR

Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.4, Lightroom 6.4 and ACR 9.4 are now available for download from adobe.com

The best trick to shoot street photos without being noticed

When we shoot subjects (not people) in the streets, we tend to immediately look at the screen of the camera to see the result. If you are shooting people in the streets you want to do the opposite...

Lightroom Screen Modes

Learn more about the Adobe Lightroom Screen Modes to take control of your working interface...  

Change the day to night using Photoshop

A quick and dirty trick to transform any daylight image into night using Photoshop...

Use Lightroom Camera Calibration Profiles to your advantage

Camera Calibration profiles adjust your image to imitate as closely as possible what your camera offers as profile presets. Learn more...