Hidden gem to lower the effect of multiple sliders in Lightroom

If you are making a local adjustment to a photo in Adobe Lightroom using a single slider like the Highlights or Shadows slider, it is very easy to adjust the intensity. You just move that one slider left or right. But what if you want to adjust an effect that uses multiple slides at once? 

Soften Skin is a great example that adjusts multiple sliders simultaneously. Soften Skin is local brush adjustment preset that ships with Lightroom. Let's take the example below. 

If that looks overdone to you, you can back all of these sliders off each in the appropriate amount to reduce the overall look of the effect. EASY!

Just click on the small triangle pointing down to collapse all of the sliders. Once down, you will notice that the effect will turn into a single amount slider that you can back that off as much as you like. Try it and then expand all the sliders; you will notice that all the 4 sliders have moved proportionally each in its appropriate amount. It is like having control over the layer opacity in Photoshop. Cool isn't it?