10 reasons why photographers prefer Mac over PC

I have moved from PC to Mac and from Android to iPhone lately. For only one week now riding the Apple realm and I'm thinking what I have been missing. Every professional photographer you meet and every Youtube photography channel you watch, pros just happen to use a Mac. It's a given...

Your experience may vary and I am not trying to offend anybody in this article. All I am trying to do is to share with you my experience so far. Today, all my photography and website maintenance is done on a 13.3" Macbook Pro.Before that and for years I have worked in the Windows realm and I have experienced it all; viruses, freezing operating systems, blue screen of deaths, crashes, DLL errors, malware, spyware, drivers incompatibility, etc. It seems that Mac users only hear about these things, but rarely face them. The below list is derived from a one week experience so you are all welcome to add to it in the comments below.

  1. Robustness and integration (OS / Hardware). No crashes and you don't need an IT department to keep a Mac running.
  2. Easy Color Calibration. Every Mac has a built-in monitor color calibration.

  3. Faster OS load time and faster Adobe CC load time.

  4. Faster Lightroom build previews and thumbnails scrolling. 

  5. Excellent battery life. More than 7 hours over less than 2 hours on PC which is a real advantage if you are travelling light and have a lot of connected flights. Furthermore, I found out that the Mac's battery gauge is always accurate. When it says 0:37 minutes left, that's exactly how much time I have left.

  6. No need for virus protection software. Mac really is a closed box and virus-free environment. If this is not a valid reason that what is...

  7. Brilliantly simple in design and usage. That's what photographers believe in; simplistic composition to deliver a clearer message about your subject; isn't it?

  8. Media oriented in functionality: everything in Mac makes it trivial to do anything in sound, pictures, and movies.

  9. Elegant menus, screens and interface

  10. Your PC gets slower over time while your Mac gets faster

The bottom line is simplicity and reliability.  All of the PC computers I have ever owned or used have catched a virus or two, crashed once or twice per week, and couple of them's, mother board just melted down. So from now on I have taken my mind, I am trying this simple and reliable realm of Apple. What about you ?