How to make a photobooth for your parties

Photobooths are becoming a fun addition to weddings and parties. Last week, at a friend's pre-wedding party, I had the opportunity to set up a photobooth for her family and friends coming over.  Here’s how I did it. 

The setup

The bride to-be and her friends made the booth actually and all the props that came with it. I volunteered to implement the lighting and camera setups. At first, I was afraid that my gear would get bumped as there was a around 80 to 100 invitees. I couldn't afford sticking my 5Dm3 or 7D on the tripod. I plugged in my Canon 580 EX-II as master on my Canon Rebel 600D / T3i. Furthermore, the Rebel has a 180 degree LCD swing capability so that people can view themselves while posing. After couple of shots I found out that un-manned booths really cannot work in practice as lot of people are not DSLR savy so I removed my 5Dm3 from my bag, equipped with my Canon 600 EX-RT as master and I shot the remaining of the event handheld.

The lighting diagram

The camera settings

Aperture set at f/8, shutter speed at 1/160 sec to bring in some of the ambient light and ISO at 400. Both master and slave triggered on Manual and the reflector added some of the shadow fills kickin. 

The results

Please share how would you have done it otherwise.