Making your best profile photo for Linkedin

A picture is worth a thousand words and your professional photo says all about you! On a social network like LinkedIn, your picture may impact job hunters. It is all about the first impact.

You want a look that transmits credibility, confidence, and professional attitude. Below are some tips for reaching that objective:

  1. Use a recent photo. If recruiters are surprised when they meet you in person, it is because you have posted a misleading 10 year old photo of you.
  2. You are the subject in the photo and nothing else. Remove all clutter in the background. No group shots, children, pets, etc.
  3. Appear professional. Wear a business attire. This includes a suit, a nice haircut and a fresh shave. Never post a photo of yourself at the beach unless you are seeking a lifeguard career :)
  4. Your eyes should be in focus. I have seen many photos that are blurry even at this tiny size.
  5. Pick a Head Shot. The composition should be of only your head, neck, and a bit of your shoulders. 
  6. Keep your head straight. Again, this is your professional photo, so you need to look confident and assertive.
  7. Lighting is key and shadows are bad. If you are not a photographer to know that, read the next tip...
  8. Hire the right photographer. Select someone who knows lights and shadows game, someone who can make you smile in a natural way, who can make you look accessible, and encourage others to engage with you.