Use Lightroom's Luminance to intensify the skies

Our human eyes are far more advanced than our DSLRs. You make think that you nailed a balanced exposure sometimes on a bright sunny day to come home later when importing your photos onto your computer only to find out that the sky was blown out and lacks all details. That's because you were metering from your subject (a person, house, landscape, etc.). Your DSLR cannot balance the tonal range like your eyes unless you take a bracketed exposure and merge into HDR later in Photoshop.

Lightroom offers a quick solution to this and it doesn't have to do with any ND filters, saturation, or HDR. Saturation is going to intensify the colors globally, which we don't want to do specially if your scene has people in it; the skin tones will be messed out.

Here is a quicker and more effective solution: go to your Lightroom "Hue, Saturation and Luminance panel"...  

... and reduce the Blue luminance slider until the recovered details and color saturation suites your taste. This does exactly what it should; pulls some of the luminosity out of the blues in the photo. The result is a darker, richer sky that you can really tweak on an incremental level without touching non-blue areas of the photo.

I found out that this is better and more natural way to recover the sky than using the Lightroom ND filter. What would you say? If you have other method to achieve the same why don't you comment below. Until then...