Quick guide: Macro and close-up shots

When shooting small details of objects or creatures (insects, plants, fruits, etc.) your go-to mode is Aperture Priority as it let's you control the depth of field you want to achieve. Select a focal point that let's you focus on the main detail and use a tripod. 

  • Exposure mode: Av or Manual
  • Focus Mode: Manual 
  • Shutter speed: Set by light if using a tripod / 1/250 sec if handheld   
  • Aperture: f/11
  • ISO: 100-200 to keep noise at minimum
  • Lens: 50-100mm macro / or the use of macro extension tube 
  • Drive mode: Self timer or shutter release 
  • White Balance: Set by light source

Consider those additional tips: 

  • Use a tripod to avoid camera shakes. If handheld, then you need to increase the ISO to reach a shutter speed of at least 1/250 sec.
  • To assist you with Manual Focusing, use your Live View and zoom all the way to your point of focus. Adjust the focus ring at this zoom level.
  • It is hard to manually focus without a tripod. So if you insist on shooting handheld, try Servo or Continuous AF mode. Set the AF point at your point of interest and let the camera focus while you half-press the shutter.
  • In post-processing, increase clarity and sharpness of your subject or make use of Photoshop layers to sharpen the point of interest only.