Advanced Sharpening options in Lightroom

Have you every wondered (like me until I wrote this post) what does those sliders in Sharpening panel do? Well here is a hidden gem in Lightroom that will make sense of it all. While dragging the Amount, Radius, Detail, or Masking sliders hold down the Alt key (Windows / Option (Mac) to display the effect in grayscale. This will enable you to preview the edges of the effect of each slider and becomes helpful in determining which option is best.

As a general rule and according to Adobe, the Detail slider suppresses sharpening in landscapes and Masking suppress the same in portraits. 

I have tried all and now I have a better visual aid to increase or reduce sharpness to best fit the subject and composition.

While holding the Alt / Option keys, you will be presented with a grayscale visual aid to make sense of the edges.