Quick guide: Tabletop Product Photography

Shooting tabletop product photography is not as difficult as some might think. All you need is a table (obviously), a diffused light source, a backdrop, and detailed attention to specular highlights and reflections. 

Start with these camera settings and adjust to your taste and subject:

  • Exposure: Manual
  • Focus Mode: Manual
  • Shutter speed: 1/60 sec or slower
  • Aperture: f/16 
  • ISO: 100 
  • Focal length: 50-105 
  • Drive mode: Single-shot
  • White Balance: Daylight 

Consider those additional tips: 

  • Experiment with different light sources such as a diffused window light or reading lamps
  • If you are only using ambient light, then select an area with good window light
  • If using flashes, you need to diffuse those with an umbrella or the inside of your 5-in-1 reflector diffuser panel
  • A tripod is a must because you want the lowest ISO and smallest aperture
  • Use manual exposure and manual focusing for total precision
  • You can use a $50 light tent that greatly diffuse ambient and artificial light and eliminate glares. Use its white backdrop for high key lighting and it's black velvet drop for low key lighting 
  • In post-processing, increase clarity and sharpness to your taste