Quick guide: Kids Playing

When it comes to kids playing you need to be quick to be able to capture the best moments. Many times the majority of your photos are blurry and out of focus. Have you wondered why?

Try these camera settings next time you are out shooting playing kids:

  • Exposure: Shutter Priority (S/TV)
  • Focus Mode: Servo / Continuous
  • Aperture: Set by the camera
  • ISO: 200 or 400 (if outside)
  • Lens: 35 to 70mm
  • Drive mode: Continuous / Burst
  • White Balance: Automatic

Consider those additional tips: 

  • Try to shoot in quick bursts if your camera offers that to capture the best photo out of a batch.
  • Get down to the kids level rather than shooting shooting while standing up; you will end up with a fresh perspective and relay a view that will send back adults to childhood times.
  • Get close and engage with the kids; play their games and let them laugh at you so that they smile back at your lens when you are shooting.