How to create a collage in Lightroom

Have you ever wanted to print more than one photo on one sheet of paper whether to tell a story, or just to frame for a gift or just for fun of it? Here’s how to use Lightroom Print module to do just that.

Step 1: Select the folder or collection

Go to Library module and select the folder or collection that contains the photos you want to collate. Then select the individual photos you want to print. 

Step 2: Page setup

Go to Print module and from the Layout Engine options in the top right corner of the screen, select Custom Package.

In the bottom left of the window click Print twisty, adjust your custom page settings. Mine will be 4" x 4" because I will produce a triptych.

Step 3: Cells

Use the Cells options on the right of the screen to configure the cells that will contain your images. On the Add to Package section, you have 6 preset options. You can change those by Editing the size of the grids you want to place on the page. Do that! I split the grid to two 2x2s and one 2x4 at the bottom. Adjust the cells as necessary. To fill the cells with images, select the photos you want from the filmstrip and click and drag then release at the target cell. You can adjust individual cell height and width to adjust the photo to fit the cell.

Step 4: Print

To print the finished image, click the Print button at the foot of the panel. You can also save the image as a JPEG file by selecting Print to JPEG file. Select the file resolution and the JPEG quality and click the Print to File button to create an image that you can print later.

Step 5: Save the layout as a preset

If you are planning to do many collages out of the same layout, you can save it as a preset. To save it, from the left of the screen click the + symbol adjacent to the words Template Browser and type a name for the template and click Create. You can then use it at any time by selecting it and selecting the three images to add to it.

Off course you can add borders and inner strokes and add your watermark to the output, but I chose to keep it simple.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and oh yes I forget, here is the final collage I made... It tells a tiny story doesn't it?