Brush away the years - removing wrinkles in Photoshop

There are many ways you can remove wrinkles in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop using spot removal or clone stamp tools. If you remove all the wrinkles however, the effect won't be convincing. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can quickly - and using the Spot Healing Brush tool - reduce and correct wrinkles and give your subject a rejuvenated natural appearance.

In this tutorial we are also going to change the brush shape and angle it so that its strokes are not as visible when you painting over the wrinkles.

Our before photo. Wrinkles are obvious!

Our after photo. Wrinkles are less pronounced and natural.

It is also a good practice to create multiple layers; one for each side of the face. The final secret recipe is to reduce the opacity of the layers just enough so that wrinkles will appear reduces and more natural.

  1. Zoom in by holding the Option/Alt key while dragging up in the mouse. You can also use the Zoom tool for that purpose
  2. Add a new empty layer
  3. Select the Spot Healing Brush tool and make sure you Sample All Layers in the Options bar. Also make sure Content-Aware is ticked.
  4. Open the brush picker and make sure the brush width is enough to just cover the deepest wrinkles
  5. Set Hardness to around 50% 
  6. Change the roundness of the brush so that is resembles more like an oval
  7. Click and drag the arrowhead to change the angle of the stroke in the direction of the deepest wrinkles.
  8. Paint over the deepest wrinkles to reduce them away

Create a new layer whenever wrinkles change in direction. Repeat the above by changing the brush angle and roundness for smaller wrinkles.

When done painting all wrinkles, select the top layer reduce the layers opacity until the wrinkles appear diminished but still natural. Somewhere around 70%.

The end result is a younger person with the wrinkles less obvious. Now it is your turn to practice.