Lightroom Auto Advance Feature

Somewhere in your post processing workflow you are selecting winners, deleting losers, picking, rejecting, and rating your photos. If you are shooting thousands of photos per event, you need all the tips to optimize your review process. Well, Adobe people have thought about this and they introduces Auto Advance features in Lightroom. 

If this feature is turned ON and while in Library Module, Lightroom will advance to the next photo as soon as you assign a rating information like:

  • Flag: P for 'Pick', X for 'Reject', and U for 'Unflag'
  • Star rating: 1 through 5
  • Color rating: 6 through 9  

To turn this feature ON, go menu Photo > Auto Advance, or press the Caps Lock key. To turn the feature OFF, go back to Photo > Auto Advance or press the Caps Lock key again.