Applying batch adjustments on many photos in LR 5

I often find it time consuming when I come back from a photo shoot, open up my laptop and launch Lightroom to start importing and adjusting my photos. I have a quick workflow that I will talk about in a separate post. But what will you do when you have taken more than one photo of the same or different shot and you want to apply the same exposure, white balance, perspective correction, exposure, clarity, and more on all of them?

Copy/Paste, Previous, and Sync

After making changes to one photo in the Develop Module, I usually select another image and click on “Previous” to apply ALL of the changes made to the previous photo. But there is also a better way to batch process the adjustment; clicking “Sync’” allows you to choose which of the changes that were made to the first photo should be applied to the current photo.

Clicking on “Copy…” displays the Copy Settings dialog where you can select which attributes to copy. Clicking Paste will paste only those attributes that were copied.

Selecting multiple images and selecting Auto Sync will apply all changes (from that point forward) to all selected photos.

Synchronize Upright Lens Corrections

This is the first thing I do on all my photos especially if I am shooting with the Canon 18-200 lens. The barrel distortion makes it a pain to go individually into each photo and apply the Lightroom lens correction. For that I use the Upright feature in Lightroom 5. You might even have many unrelated photos that all need to have their perspective corrections made. In this case, the easiest way to apply Upright correction would be to:

  1. Select all of the desired files in the Develop Module.
  2. Enable the Auto Sync feature (by toggling the switch to the left of the Sync button).
  3. In the Lens Correction Basic panel, click the desired Upright mode (Auto, Level, Vertical, or Full) in order to apply the perspective correction to all selected files.

Each photo will be analyzed individually in Lightroom 5 and the perspective will be corrected.

If you prefer not to use Auto Sync, you can:

  1. Select the first file in the series and apply the desired Upright mode.
  2. Copy the adjustment made. In this case perspective adjustment (Use the shortcut Command + C on Mac or Control + C on Windows and check Upright Mode. 
  3. Select the other photos to which you want to apply the perspective correction and paste (Command + V on Mac or Control + V on Windows.

Or, if this is something you do all of the time because you have such a limitation in your lens, you can create a preset by selecting Develop > New Preset and enabling the “Upright Mode” option.

Other sseful shortcuts in Lightroom to copy and paste settings from one photo to another

  • Command + C (Mac) | Control  + C (Win) will display the “Copy Settings” dialog so that you can choose what setting to copy.
  • Command +  V (Mac) | Control  +  V (Win) will paste those settings.
  • Command + Option + V (Mac) | Control + Alt + V (Win) will paste all the settings from the previously altered photo.
  • Command + Shift + S (Mac) | Control  + Shift + S (Win) will display the Synchronize Settings dialog box so that you can choose what settings to synchronize ( you must have multiple images selected to use this shortcut).
  • Command + Option + S (Mac) | Control + Alt + S (Win) will synchronize multiple photos with the last copied settings – without displaying the sync dialog box.
  • Command + Shift + R (Mac) | Control  + Shift + R (Win) will reset all settings applied to an image.
  • Command + Option + Shift + A (Mac) | Control + Alt + Shift + A (Win) will toggle Auto Sync on and off in the Develop module (note: you must have multiple images selected to use Auto Sync.)