Apply User Presets during Lightroom import

Every day I use Adobe Lightroom I learn something new. But the hard part in my workflow always remains the import process. Imagine you are importing photos from your camera memory card and you have like a 100 photos with different lenses, different white balance, different composition and light conditions, what have you... How to apply bulk adjustments during the import process itself?  Well if your workflow is 99% Lightroom like me you should be applying presets soon. The more you use Lightroom the more you know the importance of those presets in making your life easier. 

Now let's take the following scenario. You came back from shooting a landscape and you want to adjust the distortion on all photos taken with that lens. Off course you can import and then go into the Develop module and tick that option individually for every photo or you can apply the Auto Sync option, or better yet, you can tell Lightroom to apply a preset during the import process itself.

This is one of the most powerful sections of Import process that I have recently discovered it. In the “Develop Settings” you apply presets you have previously created.

But first things first; how to create presets:

  1. Choose any photo you are working on
  2. Go to Lightroom’s Develop Module
  3. Go to the panel on the left hand side. At the top      of the navigator you will find the Presets option. Lightroom comes with a      set of presets for you to start with
  4. Find the “+” sign and click it
  5. A dialogue box will appear, asking you to choose      all the settings you want to include in your custom preset. Check Lens      Correction. You can make a new preset later if you want for another type of      adjustment.
  6. Name the preset something relevant like “My Lens      Correction”
  7. Scroll down to “User Presets”. This is the      category where you will find your newly created preset.

Presets are a great way to preview your changes before applying them. Simply move your mouse over the preset in the upper left hand corner of the develop module.

Now back to the Import Process select "Develop Settings" drop down list and select your named preset under "User Presets".

Happy Processing! - Gaby Awad


Click the + sign to create your user custom preset

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