Back to basics: shooting flowers

Before you start shooting, take your time and examine your subject before pressing the shutter. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • how to zoom in on it – get in really close or take a wider angle shot?
  • what is the the message your are capturing? Insect, colour, texture,  shape, etc?
  • what angle will you shoot from?
  • how much depth of field do you want?
  • how is the subject lit?
  • what distractions are there in the background?

Focal length 150mm, aperture f/5.6 for 1/500 sec at ISO-100

Only when you start gathering the answers to the above, try different perspectives and consider shooting in the early morning or in the late afternoon where the sun is not so harsh and the light is naturally diffused. Make it just after rain or fake the rain drops.  

Try to shoot a flower that is backlit and use a tripod for better sharpness (optional). 

Get low and don't shoot from above.

If you don't have a macro lens, use a zoom lens and set the mode to aperture priority. Use the smallest aperture that your lens will allow. 

Try not to shoot flowers from top as this is a common perspective to everybody. Samsung NX-300 focal length 45 mm, f/5 for 1/40 sec at ISO 100

Try new perspective when shooting flowers. Get as low as you can and shoot backlit.