Radial filter presets

One of the new features of Lightroom 5 is the Radial Filter. It is often used to create attention to certain parts of your photo without using the Post Crop Vignette or the ND Grad Filter. The advantager of the Radial Filter is that it lets you control exactly which part of the photo you want your viewer's eyes to go to.

Like nearly everything in Lightroom, the Radial Filter let’s you save the settings as a Develop Module preset. Matt Kloskowski made some presets with different strength settings. Each preset comes with 3 different strength settings that let you control just how dark the rest of the photo gets (Light, Medium, Strong).

Example below by Matt Kloskowski, mother and child in the radial and outside that radial filter is a medium dark exposure.

Radial Before.jpg
Radial After.jpg

The preset downloads for Lightroom 5 are below (Compliments of Matt) :