Add a border to a photo in Lightroom

If you are like me using Adobe Lightroom and you want to do everything in Lightroom you will soon discover that adding a border to your photo is not straightforward. I don’t know why… we should ask Adobe I guess. 

The way to do this isn't obvious in Lightroom, because there’s no border option when you export photos. One trick is to do it through the Print module. Here’s how:

    • Select the photo you want to apply a border to and go to the Print module.
    • In the Template Browser on the left side of the application, select any Image template that satisfies your print size.
    Border 2.png
    • In the Image Settings panel on the right side of the application, select Stroke Border. Specify a Width of the desired size (such as 2 points) and click the color swatch to choose a color, such as white.

    Border 1.png
    • In the Print Job panel, choose Print To > JPEG File. Specify the resolution and other options (sharpening, JPEG quality, etc.)

    Border 3.png
    • Click Print to File.

    That's it. But if you want to standardize the process, you can even add your Identity plate as part of the border like I did below and save the all to a new Template by clicking on "Create Saved Print" in the top right of the preview pane.

    Border 4.png

    This is the final outcome: 

    Border 5.png