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Dim that background for better subject focus!

There any many ways to dim the background when you want to put more emphasis on your subject in the foreground. Whether using flash sync speed, using Lightroom radial filter or adjustment brush, all serve the same purpose; to let your viewers focus more on the subject while dimming the background and reducing clutter and unwanted details.

For this tutorial we are going to look at how to achieve this quickly and easily using Photoshop.

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Shooting for a web store flowers catalog

GAP was recently approached by a flower shop store to assist in photographing their 2014 lineups of bouquets for their website. The objective was to shoot "high key" i.e. white background. The key challenges where lighting, post-processing and a tight deadline to submit all in 24 hours. In the remaining of this post I will am sharing the way I approached it.

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Keep those hands away!

When posing your subject for a full portrait, do you give special attention to the hands? Have you noticed how sometimes a great portrait is ruined by big hands showing in the wrong way?

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Who is Scott Kelby?

Scott Kelby (born 1960 in Lakeland, Florida) is an American photographer and an author and publisher of periodicals dealing with Photography and Adobe Photoshop software, for design professionals, photographers, and artists.

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