Lightroom Smart Collections

Adobe Lightroom ("Lr") has two types of collections: regular Collections and Smart Collections. You can drag and drop photos to regular collections. What ever you put in those you get. On the contrary, Smart Collections are live as if they are queries to the Lightroom database (the Catalog) and they are created as a result of query or filtering criteria that you apply to your photos once and they are there and then available for any update to your catalog. You cannot add photos to a Smart Collection by dragging and dropping. You can’t remove an image from a Smart Collection. If you don't want it in that smart collection, you have to change something in it's criteria (example: keywords) so that it it fails to meet the query condition(s).

Recently I took the decision to merge all my catalogs into one master catalog. I also had the chance to re-work all my keywords and this where you will really benefit from smart collections...

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Shooting male models

Shooting a male model is considered a challenge for many photographers. Male models like female counterparts are photographed for their own portfolio, for the photographer's portfolio, for advertising, stock, etc. In this post, I provide you with tips and tricks to finding a model, finding a location, setup, gear, and posing techniques you should be aware of while shooting men...

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Rendering trees in Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC has the ability to create trees since the early release of the CC version. Version 2014 however has improved even more on this nice feature. You can choose from a rich collection of circa 34 types of trees and adjust needed parameters to change the size and type of leaves, height of branches,etc. Below is a sample of the tree types you can find in Photoshop...

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Use "Liquify" to slim people... just a bit!

Have you ever been asked to make people you shoot look thinner? All the time right? Well, if you are shooting thousands of pictures, that would be a hassle and I would rather use Transform under Lightroom Lens Correction. However, this tutorial is about Photoshop Liquify filter and how you should work with it...

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Tips for shooting in cold weather

The best photos are taken in extreme weather conditions; immediately after heavy rain  or when it is extremely cold outside. In addition to the right equipment, you need to equip yourself with proper knowledge and preparation. In all what matters, no photo is worth dying for. Have a plan for your expedition and be prepared before, during, and after you come back home...

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