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Autofocus modes (for still, in motion, or undecided subjects)

Sometimes the light is perfect, the moment is right, but your photo is blurry! Why? The reason might be that your camera is not focusing properly or you did not choose the right autofocus mode.

Shooting events in the dark

Photos taken in a small crowded pubs or clubs with crazy lighting going all over the place can look horrific. Unless you make the most of the situation and learn how to take amazing shots.

Removing stray hair using Surface Blur

You took that great portrait that you are proud of but noticed when you imported your photos to your computer that you have a lot of stray unwanted hair you need to remove. You tried the eraser, the spot healing brush, and the clone stamp tools in Photoshop but those won't work well for you... What to do?

How to create a collage in Lightroom

Have you ever wanted to print more than one photo on one sheet of paper whether to tell a story, or just to frame for a gift or just for fun of it? Here’s how to use Lightroom Print module to do just that.

Fill with Content-Aware

An easy (like usual) and quick tutorial for transforming a photo and filling empty canvas areas with elements of its own using the Content-Aware Fill tool in Photoshop.

Sharpening photos quickly with the High Pass Filter

There are many ways to sharpen a photo in Photoshop but this tutorial is about doing it quickly without bothering about details and advanced features using the High Pass Filter...

Sharpening the iris in Photoshop

I thought if you don't use Adobe Lightroom to work on the eyes of your portraits, you can always sharpen them using Photoshop. This is the most quick and easy way to accomplish this process in Photoshop.